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Free event creation

Easily host a premium live event

Beem provides a unique stage to host a film screening, broadcast a premiere or festival, stream a live concert, record your podcast live, host a discussion or teach a masterclass!
Content monetization

Unlock a new revenue stream

1. Upload your own content or pick a licensed title from our catalogue
2. Set your event price - Beem handles the ticketing and payment right from the event page
Live fundraising

Support your favorite non-profit or raise funds for your next project

Easily raise funds during your live event with our seamless donation tool
Profile page

Your home on Beem

Keep your community updated with your free-flow page. Use it to display your favorite content or your next event. Enrich it with text, images, videos and links. When you publish something or make a change, your followers will be notified automatically via email!
Fair & transparent pricing

Earn a real income from your work

For free live events
Beem is
  • No setup costs for individuals
  • No monthly subscription
  • Free live event up to 500 participants
  • > 500: contact us for a quote
For paid live events
Earn up to
of the ticket price
  • Beem only keeps 15% incl. tx fees
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Integrated multilingual support
  • Custom upload or licensed content
For live fundraisings
Receive up to
of funds raised
  • Free for non-profits (excluding tx fees)
  • Otherwise, Beem keeps 5% + tx fees
  • Low tx fees: $0.30 + 2.9% of donation
  • Live donation notification in the chat

For companies & organizations: contact us for a quote

Brand or sponsor? Engage with your community differently.

Live fan interactions.
Interact directly with your fans in a premium environment.
Your content or ours.
Broadcast your own content or offer your fans one of our library titles.
Branded event.
Your logo and colors in the event page and your spots during the live event - preroll or postroll.

“The Beem team helped me set up a series of live screenings and Q&As with movie directors for Russian Film Week 2020. The experience was quick and easy with great customer support.”

Filip Perkon
Founder, Russian Film Week (UK)

“We organized 3 live events on Beem, engaging more than 1,500 participants and raising funds for our favorite non-profit. Cowatches are an amazing playground for creativity, can't wait for the next one!”

Yoann Sardet
Editor in chief, Allociné (France)
Pro features

The most advanced
video streaming experience

👀  Multi-device streaming in HD: desktop, mobile & TV
Beem works directly on all major browsers, but we recommend Chrome for a seamless experience. Participants can also join the event using our iOS and Android apps, and can cast the main video directly to their TV using Airplay and Chromecast.
⏱️  Sub-second film sync among all participants
The playout of your film, the livestream of your guests’ cameras, and the chat messages of the attendees are in real-time sync.
It allows you to play, pause, jump to specific scenes, or talk (or sing!) over a particular scene of the film in the most natural and synchronized way for all the participants.
🚀  Carrier-grade performance: up to 1 million of concurrent attendees in real-time
Reach a worldwide audience! We use a hyper scalable, carrier-grade infrastructure with 250+ datacenters around the world architected to withstand sudden spikes in traffic for real-time engagement, capable of scaling from one to millions of concurrent users with 99.99% uptime and 400ms average global latency.
😎  Private or public event
Create a public event, or set your event as private and send the unique link with a code to your guests. Create custom free coupons for your partners and the media.
🎟️  Secure ticketing system
We rely on the most secure payment processing platform in the market, accepting 135+ currencies and all the major credit cards as well as Google and Apple Pay. Our session detection technology ensures that only one open session can be granted per ticket sold.
🆘  Multilingual live support
Our team is here to help you provide an amazing experience for your attendees. We provide support before, during and after the event in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
🛡️  Data protection
Beem is fully compliant with all the requirements of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not share the personal information of any of our users with any third party without their explicit consent. You can learn more about how Beem handles personal data in our privacy policy.
🔒  MPAA-level security: content protection, geoblocking & watermarking
We take care of transcoding and ingesting your video assets and metadata in our secure servers, and protect your content with all major DRMs for every device. Just give us access to your materials in any format you have, and we do all the heavy lifting for you. Our granular geoblocking technology allows your film to be accessible only from the territories where your rights allow it (from worldwide to specific countries down to a particular ZIP code). Finally, for specific screenings we can enable session-based forensic watermarking for maximum protection of your work (additional costs can apply).
🔴  Event recording and moderation
During an event, all the camera streams as well as all chat messages are recorded. All the recordings are sent to you after the event so you can use them to create new content, put together a throwback video or promote your next event. This can also be used for moderation purposes. During the event, presenters can also moderate the chat by muting people who are not respecting the community guidelines.
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Beem aims to become the leading platform for all live events and premium video content. From independent film festivals to gaming livestreams, we offer your community a home and always promise transparency and fairness


Create live events around your films and monetize them further in our VOD section. Rentals and purchases now enabled.


Engage your buyers and the press with entertaining events to showcase your new releases and library titles

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Host your whole film festival on Beem and delight your attendees with live screenings and Q&As

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Raise funds during live events on Beem, broadcast your own content and engage your donors

Live events

Sport & gaming streams, concerts, comic shows, podcast recordings - all that can be done on Beem!

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We are a UK and US company funded by media and technology experts with distributed teams based in Los Angeles, Montreal, Barcelona, Paris, London and Buenos Aires.

We believe in creator empowerment, community engagement and stakeholder ownership.

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